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Zhang Jike switched to Tenergy 05-FX!!


So I already posted this on the Chinese team equipment thread, but couldn't stop wondering why Zhang Jike switched from his beloved Tenergy64 to Tenergy05-FX for his backhand side. Zhang Jike used this rubber during the 2013 WTTC! 

My own opinion: 

Zhang Jike plays close to the table mostly, going back for the FH to FH overspin. But mostly just dictating at the table.
For this he needs something thats good at blocking and flicks on the BH with the banana flick getting really popular. Throw shouldn't be to high either because his blocks would pop up.

Zhang Jike's New Rubber - Tenergy 05-FX Zhang Jike's Forehand Rubber - Hurricane 3

Why T05-FX?
Tenergy64 is fast and lower throw, Butterfly says its a rubber for further of the table because of its faster speed. However I think T05 is better for further away from the table, because of the arc you can generate with it. The speed would be generated from their phyisque in most cases anyway, except for the block since its a short stroke.
So even if T05-FX only different characteristic compared to the T05 would be the softer sponge (there are more), I still don't understand why he would have changed.

Pro's for T64:
Lower throw -> More precise blocking and giving opponent a lower ball.
Faster then T05 -> Zhang Jike likes to block it parralel and needs speed for this

Pro's for T05(-FX)
Less sensitive to spin
Easier to flick and with more spin

So for Zhang's game I would say T64 is a better option.

What is your idea? Please share & elaborate!

Regards Johan / Sun Tzu



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